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See What Our Patients Are Saying

I have been a patient of Dr. Bob's for many years. Several years ago, I had severe lower back pain. I lead a very active life and that pain was incapacitating. A friend recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Bob. I had never been to a chiropractor, but her assurances eased my doubts.

After an examination, which included x-rays of the problem area, Dr. Bob diagnosed what was causing the pain. Through adjustments and gentle exercises, my inflammation and ensuing pain were reduced and then eliminated. Through the years I have gone to Dr. Bob for adjustments, which have enabled me to live life to the fullest.

I always feel that Dr. Bob and his wonderful staff really care about their patients' well-being. I have referred nearly a dozen friends to Dr. Bob and they are all so pleased with the level of care which they have received.

Barbara Murray

Dr Riebesell is a unique and highly skilled professional: He always listens intently to my issues; his approach to treatment is sensitive to both my concerns AND the nature of my discomfort; I always get results!!


About 5 years ago, I was complaining to a friend about regular headaches caused by stress. He suggested that I visit Dr. Bob Riebesell whom he highly recommended. I made that visit and Dr. Bob's sure and gentle manipulation of my unaligned spine and neck, made me feel better immediately.

Now, I rely on him to cure all the aches and pains that seem to occur on a regular basis to ladies of a certain age. Recently, I pulled my hamstring to a point that I was unable to put any pressure on my right leg. A friend drove me to Dr. Bob, and he went to work. Everyone who has had a similar injury, told me that I was in for a 3-6 month recovery period. He suggested that I take a natural supplement called Traumazyme, which I did. Then he admistered electric impulse therapy and cold laser therapy to the injury on my leg three times a week and with each visit my leg improved. Now it has been only a little less than three weeks and the pain is almost completely gone. Thank you, Dr Bob.

Susan Agnelli

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Dear Dr. Bob,

The other day I had an appointment with you to treat some back discomfort but when I arose that morning I couldn’t put weight on my right foot without a lot of pain. Not to worry, I limped to your office but I walked out. Back is gradually getting stronger and the ankle adjustment gave immediate relief. Being a nurse I know there are times to go to the ER, outpatient clinic, or one’s personal physician and then there are times when a good chiropractor can ease the pain with an adjustment, no drugs, no surgery, and lower cost. Thank you for being a good and kind chiropractor.

Lynn Borel

To future clients;

Dr. Riebesell and his staff are the only ones I trust, as I have been there for over 10 years!! He's seen me through many of life's mishaps, even when I have over done it or done something I shouldn't have, I know I can go and see Dr. Bob and he will bring me back to where I should be. There are times It has been a long process back but he and his staff worked with me and helped me get back in shape again. I totally recommend Dr. Riebesell, he is fair, honest, and truthful about everything he does, he and his staff are second to none!!!

With a grateful heart,
Carol Hill